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for mobile and web applications

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Rapid back-end development
Our Back-end as a Service solution includes all features a developer expects from a modern platform: Data Management, User Management, Push Notifications, Server-side JS code, Data Analytics, Cloud Data Storage.
No hassle migration process
If you have been working with Parse, you can migrate your data automatically in a snap. Just use your Parse credentials and select an application to migrate.
Straightforward API and Support
iOS SDK, Android SDK, JavaScript SDK, User friendly API interface, examples and demo apps. Back-end development has never been that easy.

Data Management

Create data models and data collections for your application, manage the data, control access - all in one control panel with straightforward user friendly interface.

User Management

Manage registered and anonymous users, signup and confirmation processes, authentication and session management, roles access control.

Push Notifications

Create and manage Push notifications, integrate E-mail and SMS gateways with your application.

Server-side JavaScript

Create serve-side JavaScript code applets and extend your application's functionality with back-end functions, triggers and task schedulers.

Data Analytics

Real-time data analytics: API requests rate, mobile platforms activity, operational activity, user activity, notifications activity, cloud storage volume.

Cloud Storage

Take all advantages of storing and managing your data in a cloud with volume and performance scalability and built-in data protection features.




up to 15 API calls per second

5 GBcloud storage

100,000PUSH notifications

1 developer


$50 /month

up to 30 API calls per second

10 GB cloud storage

500,000PUSH notifications

1 developer


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100+ API calls per second

100+ GB cloud storage

1,000,000+ PUSH notifications

Unlimited developers


Improve your application's performance with platform add-ons for Professional plan

Add-on Price, monthly *
+10 API calls per second $50
+1 GB cloud storage $1
+100,000 PUSH notifications $1
Unlimited developers $5
* Add-ons pricing is based on 1 year subscription
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